music1Simon Andrews is an English composer who is earning a reputation as a writer of eloquent concert music that blends harmonic complexity and lyricism, introversion and broad gestures, delicate timbres and bold statements. Equally at home in vocal or instrumental music, his output ranges from music for solo instruments to large orchestral works.

All of the threads of his musical personality combine in his second opera The Scars On His Back, about the legendary Pueblo freedom fighter Po’pay and his heroic struggle with the religious and cultural intolerance of the Spanish conquistadores. The music of this large-scale work (three acts, full orchestra, men’s, women’s and children’s choruses) matches the stature of the main character as he wrestles both with the invader and his internal demons. For more information see the menu above.

Check out the video of Interlude No.3, recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra here.


He is also a composer of church music for both professional and amateur choirs with music for just about every conceivable occasion and group in his catalogue, from simple two-part arrangements for children’s choirs, to cantatas for church use. Just as frequently performed is his edition-completion of the Mozart Requiem (see menu above).

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