Sound Clips

from Symphony: 1 – Molto lento, espressivo e serenissimo


from Symphony: 2 – Chaconne – Allegro leggiero


Trope III (excerpt)


Colourless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously (excerpt)


And That Moment When The Bird Sings (Clarinet Quintet)


For The Earth Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky – Piano Trio


Violin Dialogues (opening)


That Place Where Three Dreams Cross – solo clarinet, strings and MIDI sounds (excerpt)


At The Violet Hour – orchestra (excerpt)


O My Lady for soprano, strings, piano and harp (excerpt)


Toccata for Organ


String Quartet No.2 (opening)


Po’pay Overture (opening)


My dove, my coney (excerpt)


And that moment when the bird sings (excerpt)


Trope III